A new broadside is available by rob mclennan, featuring two of his poems, from our publications page.

I will have the pleasure and privilege of performing at Blood and Bones – Ottawa with JD Hobbes Hickey, Natasha Clery, and JustJamaal (AKA Jamaal Jackson Rogers), on Saturday, May 13 at The Origin Arts and Community Centre in Ottawa.

Forthcoming: I’m pleased to announce a new chapbook, “origin story,”  forthcoming from Hussy Press in 2017, and edited by Avonlea Fotheringham.  With deep gratitude to the amazing Robin Richardson for her stunning work on the cover. https://hussypress.wordpress.com/publications/

origin story

“origin story” cover art (c) 2015 by Robin Richardson: http://knifehypnosis.squarespace.com

Projects in the works: Collaborative chapbook with Ottawa poet Liam Burke on the machine nature of the body.