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Sanita Fejzić. Desiré, in Three Brief Acts. Ottawa, battleaxe press, November 2016. Print and CD.

ISBN: 978-0-9682040-7-8
Published in a run of 75 hand numbered chapbooks and CDs. 16 pages.

A performative local (Ottawa) obsession charting the necessary failure of the imaginary, realized. (Poem by Sanita Fejzić. Cabaret Songs: lyrics – Sanita Fejzić adapted by Sjef Frenken. Music by Sjef Frenken.)


Sold Out.

Ed. n.hanna. the bird, philomela. Ottawa: battleaxe press, June 29, 2016. Print.

ISBN: 978-0-9682040-6-1
Published in a run of 100 numbered chapbooks.
63 pages.
All proceeds from sale of this chapbook shall be donated to the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre

Ovid tells the story of Philomela’s rape and subsequent mutilation at the hands of her sister Procne’s husband. Unable to speak his name in accusation, Philomela, however, finds another way to name him. After a gruesome revenge, Philomela and her sister pray to the gods to turn into birds to escape his wrath. Greek and Roman sources differ as to whether Philomela was turned into a songless swallow, or regained her voice as the signing nightingale.

The Authors in this collection of poetry focus on experiences of and reactions to (their/other women’s) assaults and sexual assaults, in the face of historic and modern censure of their voices.


Natalie Hanna. Cutting Up. Ottawa: battleaxe press, 2016. Print.

ISBN: 978-0-9682040-5-4
Published in a run of 50 numbered chapbooks.
33 pages.

In April of 2016, it was learned through radar that Shakespeare’s skull is not where it was presumed to be. These poems, in conversation with his skull, were produced around the time of the Ghomeshi verdict, in reaction to the circumscribing of women’s rights, prevailing interpretations of women’s experiences, shakespeare’s violence towards his female characters, and women’s process through the legal system.


(published in a run of 100 – $2 each)

March 2017

Brockwell madrigal / It’s still winter
rob mclennan

December 2016

Social media
Chris Johnson

November 2016

The Child Who Didn’t Make a Sound
Jennifer Pederson

Mia Morgan

I don’t but she do but she ain’t so I won’t
Liam Burke

the ‘pataphysics of internet dating
Amanda Earl