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Chapbook submissions (up to 24 pages) are invited between January and May.
Broadside submissions are invited year round.

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image (c) n.hanna, 2016

“the bird, philomela”

Women poets and visual artists, battleaxe is presently inviting submissions for a chapbook called “the bird, philomela,” focussing on women’s interpretations and opinions of assault and sexual assault.

Submissions are open until May 11, 2016. Those interested are asked to please send up to three pages of work and a short biography to .

Ovid tells the story of Philomela’s rape and subsequent mutilation at the hands of her sister Procne’s husband. Unable to speak his name in accusation, Philomela, however, finds another way to name him. After a gruesome revenge, Philomela and her sister pray to the gods to turn into birds to escape his wrath. Greek and Roman sources differ as to whether Philomela was turned into a songless swallow, or regained her voice as the signing nightingale.

Authors are encouraged to submit work from various perspectives, whether they are personal, observations, reinterpretations, serious, darkly humorous, or otherwise oriented. This collection is intended to reflect the range of women’s knowledge, experiences, and reactions to (their/other women’s) assaults and sexual assaults, in the face of historic and modern censure of their voices.

NOTE: Submissions using a pen name will be accepted, taking into consideration those who are facing issues of safety, comfort, or otherwise. Please advise.

This chapbook is being prepared as part of a fundraiser poetry reading for the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre, and proceeds will be contributed.

The Sawdust Reading Series will hold a reading for this event on June 29, 2019 at 7:00 pm, at Pour Boy (495 Somerset St. West, Ottawa). Contributors will receive a copy of this chapbook, and are welcome, if they so choose, to read their poems at the event.