natalie hanna is an Ottawa lawyer working with low income populations, and an alumna of carleton and ottawa u. her writing focusses on feminist, political, and personal relational themes. From April of 2016 to September of 2018, she served as the Administrative Director of the Sawdust Reading Series and on the board of Arc Poetry Magazine. Her poem “light conversation” received Honourable Mention in ARC Magazine’s 2019 – Diana Brebner Prize.

She can be reached at: battleaxepress@gmail.com.

Please carefully note that there will be no responses to inquiries for legal advice sent to this address.


brevity. Ransom Works Press: Ottawa, 1996.

Walking Papers. Ransom Works Press: Ottawa, 1997.

Traveller’s Advisory. Ransom Works Press: Ottawa, 1998.

this evidence against you. STANZAS, above/ground press: Ottawa, November 1999.

These Dangerous Curves. Ransom Works Press: Ottawa, January 2000.

dis/missive. Ransom Works Press: Ottawa, February 2000.

thief. Ransom Works Press: Ottawa, November 2003.

Cutting Up. battleaxe press: Ottawa, 2016.

dark ecologies. above/ground press: Ottawa, 2017.

CONCEALED WEAPONS/ANIMAL SURVIVORS. above/ground press: Ottawa, 2018

infinite redress. Baseline Press: London, 2020.

machine dreams, a collaborative chapbook with Liam Burke. Collusions Books: Halifax, 2021.

last sound: ekphrastic poems in response to Raphael Weinroth-Browne’s Worlds Within. battleaxepress: Ottawa, 2021. (Available exclusively here.)

Poetry and prose included in:

Voices In Union – In Support of Harmony House.
Chapbook Anthology to Benefit Second-Stage Battered Women’s Shelter. Ed: MacDonald, Kathy. Box 77 Books: Ottawa, April, 1996. Pages: 9, 21. “Constant” & “Martyr Me Jesus.” Poems and artwork.

As Dark As Night – A Vitriolic Valentine’s Day Selection. Anthology. Ed: Layberry, Warren. Bad Moon Books: Ottawa, February, 1997. Page: 10. “The Toybox Letters…” Prose.

The Canadian Journal of Contemporary Literary Stuff. Eds: Fairchild, Tamara and Grant Wilkins. Volume 1, Issue 1. Toronto: Summer, 1997. Page: 32. “merry roses,” “subtle mona,” “walking papers.” Reprinted poems, by special arrangement and permission.

Everyman – A Men’s Journal. Issue 32. Featured Poet Section. Ed: David Shackleton. Ottawa: July/Aug 1998. Page: 22. “Journey,” “Compass Point.” Poems reprinted in review by special arrangement and permission. Reviewer: Willow Marie Power.

This is Carleton. Volume 1, Issue 4. Ottawa: Feb 18, 1999. Page: 6. “the early rise.” Poem. “Poetry Contest Winners Announced – 6th annual George Johnston Poetry Contest.

in\words magazine and press. Volume 13, Issue 3. Ottawa: Summer 2014. Page: 15. “reordering.”

Mythical Beasts chapbook. in\words magazine and press. Ottawa: November 2014. Page: 16-17. “they make good wives and mothers.”

in\words magazine and press. Volume 14, Issue 1. Ottawa: Fall 2014. Page: 32-34. “i have heard/you used to speak.” “passerine variations.” “modern elegy.”

in\words magazine and press. Volume 14, Issue 2. Ottawa: Winter 2015. Page: 21-22. “there is a little mouse forever.” “gregor samsa wins again.”

Cocoa Cabin. phafours press. Ottawa: 2015. Page: 13-14. “dirty chocolatier.”

Hussy Press. Broadside series 1.  Ottawa: August 2015. “at the close.”

“sweet month.” Ottawa, September 2015. Micro-chapbook run for Sawdust Reading Series anniversary.

in/words magazine. Refuge(e) Issue. Ottawa: October 2016. Page 10. “road.”

The 2017 Inaugural Poem blog project – Stuart Ross. http://2017inauguralpoem.blogspot.ca/2017/01/natalie-hanna-ottawa.html.
niobe’s slaughter.” January 15, 2017.

Bywords. February 2017. http://www.bywords.ca. “assist.”

Chaudiere Books Blog – rob mclennan. National Poetry Month 2017 series. April 21, 2017. “this skin. archival,“.

Canthius, Issue 4, August 2017. “dry,” “syrian aperture,” “blue bad mothers,” and “even the green things are dirty.”

Tuesday Poem – Dusie Blog. Curated by rob mclennan. September 19, 2017. “how meat.”

“spring” broadside poem and illustration. shreeking violet press, November 2017.

In/Words, Issue 17.2 – Food Issue, February 2018. “bird’s tongue.”

Canthius (online). Four Poems by natalie hanna. “dry,” “syrian aperture,” “blue bad mothers,” and “even the green things are dirty” for International Women’s Day, March 8, 2018.

Peter F Yacht Club – Issue 26, march 2018. above/ground press. “hotel st.paul, old montreal,” and “bonaparte hotel.”

poemeleon – The Canadian Issue (online). from “concealed weapons.” Summer 2018.

The Peter F Yacht Club – #27 – VERSeFest issue , march 2019. “transit.”

Chaudiere Boooks blog. “hyacinth and mordant.” National Poetry Month 2019 series. April 15, 2019.

League of Canadian Poets – Poetry Pause & Canthius, October 2, 2019. “blue, bad mothers.”

Chaudiere Books blog. “washing.” National Poetry Month 2020 series. April 23, 2020.

“tokyo cinema.” Vallum Poem of the Week – Home Issue 17:1. June 15, 2020.

Touch the Donkey. “font of the covenant,” “on the run with the cult of saint cecilia, beheaded unrepentant,” “b/c i was in mourning.” October 2020. Issue 27.

These Days poetry zine – Issue 9. “leagues.” February 2021.

Columns / Articles / Blogs:

“The Sonnet.” Column: poetry primer and guide to sonnet writing.
The Canadian Journal of Contemporary Literary Stuff. Eds: Fairchild, Tamara and Grant Wilkins. Volume 1, Issue 2. Toronto: Summer, 1998. Pages 10-11.

Building a Culture of Consent.” The Ghomeshi Effect (Verbatim Dance Theatre) Blog. January 22, 2017. https://theghomeshieffect.com/2017/01/22/building-a-culture-of-consent/#unique-identifier3


Creating Medicine with Brandon Wint.” Arc Poetry Magazine Newsletter (electronic). July 2016.

Unsympathetic in the Most Exquisite Way – An interview with Robin Richardson.” Arc Poetry Magazine Newsletter (electronic). October 2016.

Waking Up to the Need for Creative Changes – An interview with Poet-In-Residence Di Brandt.” Arc Poetry Magazine Newsletter (electronic). November 2016.

Travelling Around Among Ideas – An interview with Lampman Award Winner Pearl Pirie.” Arc Poetry Magazine Newsletter (electronic). December 2016.

Texture, Principle and Purpose – An Interview with Parliamentary Poet Laureate George Elliott Clarke.” Arc Poetry Magazine Newsletter (electronic). January 2017.

Facets Within Diaspora Literature: Questioning Sameness, Seeking Frontiers. An Interview with Faizal Deen, Doyali Islam, and Sarah Kabamba.” Arc Poetry Magazine Newsletter (electronic). March 2017.

Sculpting Honest Space: Trading comfort for accountability and crafting the problematic. An interview with 2017 Griffin Poetry Prize Nominees: Sandra Ridley, Jordan Abel, and Hoa Nguyen.” Arc Poetry Magazine Newsletter (electronic) April 2017.

The Power of the Word From Inspiration to Perfection – An Interview with Ottawa’s (English) Poet Laureate Jamaal Jackson Rogers.” Arc Poetry Magazine Newsletter (electronic), July 2017.

Digging by the Rosebushes: Exploratory Writing with Kayla Czaga.” Arc Poetry Magazine Newsletter (electronic). September 2017.

Reviewed In:

Graffito – The Poetry Poster. Volume 3, Issue 3. Ed: B. Stephen Harding.
University of Ottawa: Ottawa, May-June 1997. “counter venus,” “wrath of the kitchen goddess.” Poem excerpts quoted in review by critic Allison Comeau.

Word – Toronto’s literary calendar. Volume 4, Issue 2. Insomniac Press: Toronto, May 1998. Page: 5. Poems quoted in “Cut & Paste” review section from the collection: Traveller’s Advisory. Reviewer: Rob McLennan.

Word – Toronto’s literary calendar. Volume 4, Issue 2. Insomniac Press: Toronto, May 1998. Page: 8. Poems quoted in “across canada” events review section from the collection: Traveller’s Advisory. Reviewer: B. Stephen Harding.

Word – Toronto’s Literary calendar. Insomniac Press: Toronto: Oct 2003.Reviewer: Maggie Helwig.

Ottawa Arts Review. BlUe MOndays September Edition Draws a Crowd. September 24, 2015.

The Fulcrum. U of O clubs collaborate on poetry-focused holiday party. December 8, 2015.

The Literary Blog of Amanda Earl. Cutting Up – n. hanna (battleaxe press, 2016). April 29, 2016.

Literary Landscapes. Pearl and Brian Pirie. 2017 Reading List. Review of “dark ecologies.”
Air date: January 4, 2018

The Poetry Question: #TPQ5: CONYER CLAYTON. Review of “dark ecologies.” February, 2020.

rob mclennan reviews Natalie Hanna’s infinite redress (along with Claire Farley’s Bait & Switch, Anstruther Press).  October 12, 2020.

The Pamphleteer: infinite redress by natalie hanna. February 5 2020.

Interviewed In/On/By:

Click Here. CHUO Radio. For “the bird philomela” chapbook launch, with Natalie Hanna, Frances Boyle and Meagan Black. June 29, 2016. CHUO-FM89.

Literary Landscapes. Interviewer: Pearl Pirie.  Faizal Deen and Natalie Hanna. February 2, 2017.

The Small Machine Talks podcast. Interviewers: Amanda Earl and A.M. Kozak. Episode 13: Natalie Hanna. Recorded February 12, 2017.

Aella Blog. Artist’s Corner: An Interview with Natalie Hanna. May 28, 2017.

Canthius (Online). Interviewer: Manahil Bandukwala. Something a Little Bit Magical: Interview with natalie hanna. November 7, 2020.


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